1st International Day of Denglish

Know what "Denglish" is? The usage of English words in the German language. And, believe it or not, that's a good thing.

Tomorrow, on July 4th, a number of blogs will celebrate the Denglish language. While you most likely won't understand all of it, chances are you'll catch the meaning of most posts made for this occasion.


Master Doctor

You read it here first: The Master is the brother of the Doctor. Trust me on this.


How to Survive a Dalek Attack

You're walking through the city minding your own business, as suddenly a man-sized pepper shaker shouting "Exterminate!" appears. Here is how you might not die.

1. Panic! It's virtually impossible to reason with a Dalek. You should've started running minutes ago.
2. While running, look what the Dalek is doing. If the Dalek found other targets to exterminate: good (but continue running away). If not: run faster. And faster.
3. You're probably faster than the Dalek. If you've survived this far, chances are good that you'll survive after all. But beware: where there is one Dalek, there are probably more. So mind your surrounding.
4. If you're armed: forget it. The Dalek's force field will deflect all incoming fire.
5. If you find yourself in a dead end: if you're still armed, start shooting - it can't really hurt, can it? Concentrate your fire on the eyestalk, maybe you get lucky (but don't count on it). If you're not armed: wave at an imaginary figure behind the Dalek and say "Hello Doctor!" While this might distract the Dalek, it will probably just make it more angry.

* Don't give up.
* Don't leave your house before you've drafted your will
* If possible, don't leave the house at all.

* Even if the TARDIS appears next to you, your fate is probably sealed. Don't get your hopes up.
* It might seem like a good idea to climb the nearest stairs. That is not the case. While a Dalek could levitate upwards, always remember: Real Daleks don't climb stairs; they level the building

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